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StockRocket is a group of practical, focussed and intelligent investors that believe in fundamentally strong shares. With our carefully thought-out share diversification strategy, we have achieved returns considerably higher than the conventional, without any dependance on high risk-taking.

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The Intelligent Investor Team



Aaryan has been investing for over 3 years and is the backbone of StockRocket. He has greatly expanded his investing portfolio, initially starting from only INR 1 lakh, and now handling a portfolio of over INR 2 crore. He is an incoming freshman to Boston University.



Krrish has immense knowledge of startups and business operations, having over 6 tech/finance startups since the past 3 years. He is also the Founder of a revolutionary air purification company – Breathify. He is an incoming Engineering freshman to Stanford University.



Vedant has over two years experience in the world of accountancy and finance. Studying stocks and analysing them is his forte. He will be pursuing economics and business in India

Our Skyrocketing Portfolio

We have managed to create a diverse portfolio to maximise profit and minimize risk based on extensive market research of hundreds of stocks and numerous investment books.

Some of our Ten Baggers:

Gained 10X Return

Gained 1.5X Return

Gained 2.2X Return

Gained 5X Return

Gained 6.2X Return

Gained 3.1X Return